A Random talk about Confusion of our generation

I was just emailing someone. Exchanging thoughts about Egypt. So we got to the subject where youth are really torn up between thoughts and cultures. Here’s what came to my mind

Being an Egyptian is not that bad. I can’t deny that there’re lots of people who are so confused & don’t know what to do. It’s not becuz they’re bad, it’s the authorities, the wrong message that Sheikh’s and da3eyas deliver & globalization.

Let’s talk about authorities cuz I feel like going to jail tonight, never tried this before so it would be a great experience, I would take some good pictures. You are not given the right to express yourself, even on the internet. Never thought it would reach that extent of dictatorism & trying to imprison free thoughts. Bloggers are now sent to prison for expressing themselves against the government, which is -I believe- a thief & a terroism empire, with all what happens inside police stations to accused citizens. That’s one thing & I wish someday this all ends, and it will soon isA. My status now on facebook is>> (“I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sweep alone, sweep the streets I used to own”.. Sounds like Mubarak after the presedential elections) So I’ll be waiting for him, you know that goodbye sign he always makes when he gives a useless speech or when he visits some suburb which is also useless, this time I’ll wave it back.

Second, religion. OH MY GOD. Whenever I think of how many opinions are up there about songs, what to wear and what not to, etc.. I am like, what am I gonna do!! Who am I gonna follow? And then, older people look at us and wonder why the generation is uber confused! Well just switch on any tv channel and watch a sheikh shouting and screaming as if you don’t have a remote control to louden the voice if you don’t hear him, or maybe he thinks his point is gonna travel faster through electromagnetic waves accompanying his extra-mega-sound-supreme. This kind of acts just terrorizes you, you look at yourself and wonder if you’re an athiest, a bad guy or what? So in the end you just say, ok I’ll follow my own thoughts and I hope God won’t be mad at me. As a result, you do everything but putting in mind that God may or may not like it. Such as listening to songs, watching movies -good movies- Which makes you even more cautious, confused, torn up between two cultures( your actions & the religion some sheikhs call for which I believe far to an extent from the real Islam), between two roads & depressed

Third and last, Globalization. No Comment… or maybe i will give a little one. Kol wa7ed ybos fel share3 w yshoof el nas el 3mleen feeha emos wel 3amel feeha hi mami hi daddy, Head-banging, the thought that every guy MUST have a gf or else he’s screwed (aywa tab3an ezay mayeb2ash mesa7eb! da kda ra7et 3leeh ya m3allem) w 3’er tb3an el websites b gamee3 anwa3ha, 3ala el 5ayal el betsawaro hollywood



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