Old Child Poem

Drawing by Ayman Malky

Standing all alone…just waiting
Trying to find sunrise falling
Like a flower waiting for blooming

I’ve been there too long without a goal
With my thoughts, my mind waiting for the call
That will prevent from slipping in that hole
Not cuz you’re old and I’m just too small
Then I should spend my lifetime learning to crawl

Empty streets as I go on walking
Beneath the yellow trees I fly
I can’t just keep on quoting
And see the whole world passing by

Those colors won’t be the same
Everything gets too old
And one day they’ll become lame
Exactly like a paper when it folds
As People who left after they came
Turned to no color, from bold

We’ll all be gone for good one day
When nothing you can anymore say
So just take the chance now
And do everything you have to do

Maybe I’m still young to take some steps
But adults were younger before
God gave me those lips
To talk, end and start a war

You can consider me an old child
But sorry, I’ll not accept being ignored
I’ve the ability to find, that’s why I got a mind
And I have those hands to write the word
That anyone can read, even the blind

For my dream I swear I’ll fight
Till the last breath I’ll never give up
Even though I still have my hands in my pockets
Waiting for the sun to rise
I’ll forever be a human being that has…the right



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