That was just yesterday…

That was just yesterday
I was so young, I used to play
Make sand castles and letters with clay
Wake up in the morning, not worrying
About how’s it gonna be today

My little brother asked me
How I made it through
I told him I did it, in every which way
But please take care young brother
Cuz that was just yesterday…

I thought about the old days
It took me back to colorful gardens
Happy faces, hugs and warmness
But time sweeps you away
Yea, cuz that was just yesterday

An innocent kid just wishes for Christmas
To get a bike, a new videogame
A girl would dream constantly about
Her perfect wedding day
Play with her friends
They would dance & sway
Not knowing what the years are keeping away
When they do, they will also say,
That was just yesterday…
I used to dream, dance and play

I looked again at my brother
And told him one more thing
Don’t take life so easy,
Just cling as much
Don’t delay
Cuz time is your price to pay…



  1. Well, I'm not a fan of English poety, but that's sad! Especially looking to time as a price we have to pay. We all go there from time to time and maybe it's encouraged to express sadness as a work of art. But hope to see a more optimistic poem soon :)- Abdelrahman

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