My Life…

I’m writing this note to get stuff off my chest as well as let you know more about ME

I Love:
1- My friends. I can’t live without them. Even if we don’t see each other or talk for a long time, I can’t imagine my life without them.
2- Memories, with the good and the bad. Sometimes I remember the bad ones and laugh, some other times I remember those good memories and cry! You never know.
3- Life, eve
n though a lot of times I’m miserable & so lost, but I appreciate every day of my life.
4- My brother, he’s like my child. Though he annoys me at times, especially when I’m concentrating on something lol but I always love my little brother. Kareem is the kindest person in my whole world, when I’m sad or crying; he hugs me and wipes away my tears. I just love him

I Miss:
1- The way my family used to love me when I was younger. I miss being embraced by my parents. Feeling contained and loved.
2-My childhood, it was the definition of innocence.
3- My grandma, setto Leila. I MISS YOU 😦
4- Some of my teachers. I miss listening to their explanations of lessons in their very own way.

I’m Glad:
1- I’m still in touch with my old friends, a
nd by old I mean those whom I knew very long time ago.
2- I made new friends in the past couple of years, from private classes and my new school.
3- I have people that I can depend on and always find them there when I’m in need. Not to forget any of them I won’t say names, but you know I love you!
4-I’m joining the faculty I wanted. I thank God for that.

So I’m done with the positive stuff=D let’s shift it a little bit.

I Fear:
1- Losing a member of my family. Sometimes I wake up at night and check if they’re okay.
2- Failure. I failed so many times in many things, there’re always ups and downs; but every time I do, I get more and more afraid of the next one.
3- Being hated or not wanted. Rejection really hurts.

I’m Sad:
1- Egypt is the way it is. A total mess!
2- I feel betrayed from a friend and a person. She doesn’t even care and neither does the latter.
3- Recently some things in my personality changed to worse. I simply lost patience and not able to forgive in m any situations.
4- I’ll not be in the same university with my friends.

I Hate:
1- Betrayal.
2- Lying.
3- Hypocrites.
4- Israel (sha3bolla=D)

Before I end this note, let me tell you about my wishes.
I wish:
1- I had stayed young like 4-6 years old forever.
2-Egypt would be a better place.
3- I come out to be a successful person.
4- People would become more loving and caring.

With Love



  1. Am pretty sure u got much better after writing this, i remember i wrote a similar one a year ago & i couldn’t sleep except after writing it!

    So let me envy you 😛 *kidding*

    If you learned one lesson by writing this, i hope it’d be that you’ll not keep sadness & anger inside of you anymore to damage yr life, instead, you’ll let it out & think for solutions to whatever problems r there.

    Sorry for the lok-lok lok-lok, i know bar3’y kteer

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