He: I love you.
Life: I can hear you!
He: & what if?
Life: Aren’t you scared?
He: & why should I? I know you’ve done too many bad things to me, but I can still get over them. You’ve always been that teacher who taught me lessons when I had no desire to learn! And now I learnt -actually you taught me- how to accept matters with my arms wide open…
Life (interrupting): Enough!
He: let me finish please, I’ve let you talk and do whatever you wanted all these past decades, & now it’s my turn.
Life (interrupting again): But…
He (ignoring): I’ve learnt how to be patient, and never to give up! Don’t you remember the day when I failed the exam and I challenged you and all those people who expected that I’ll never succeed at anything again, but I showed all of them, and you were the first one to see, I never got an F again, and I’ve always been the best student in my class. And even when I joined university I’ve always had high grades. And when I was fired from my job, I found another one & got the best career ever!
Life (sarcastic): What about your wife? Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you don’t like mentioning her as I know you loved her &…
He (Interrupting-laughing): It’s so pitiful how you’re trying to make me angry saying things that I actually admit that they did made me angry in the past, while you’re totally sure that I’m not going to get upset or even show sorrow! I’m really proud of myself that I got to that extent of patience and acceptance for things as they are; now I’m satisfied.
Life: Seems you don’t remember when you lost that deal you were planning to make with the biggest company in the world?
He: Actually I do remember this, but Thank You, because I knew that LIFE is to WIN and LOSE.
Life (In arrogance): I always win.
He: No dear, this time I win and you lose.
Life: Give me a proof!
He: I knew how to love you!



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