Quotes by Me :)

•Sometimes you take a moment and think, you feel like no one really understands you, even you. You dunno what you want, why you’re here. But when you take another breath & look around, you’ll find that a lot of people feel exactly the same. Then you think, at least I’m not alone in all of this…

•Don’t run with the crowd, go in the opposite direction and face what they’re escaping from.

•If you’re not willing to accept and deal with all the drama in your relationship with your partner, you better find a robot to fall in love with.

•I know I promised you forever, but promises don’t count if you’re talking to a heartless rock, do they?

•You know there’s a big difference between the “P” & the “B”, it can make you stop eating honey forever =D so blease don’t reblace letters. You like it that way? Exactly like when I tell you pokra el arpa3. Yea it’s annoying.

•You can never have it all, but you should be glad you didn’t miss the whole thing

•My life is like a vehicle with too many stops, but the only difference is that “Objects in mirror may not really be there!”



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