Confused like a baby lost in nowhere
So disturbed to the extent of bleeding
Suicide is the only way, but I do dare
Cowardice has with me a daily meeting

We think killing ourselves is a solution
But it’s just lack of courage and resolution
It’s a mental internal revolution
An undesirable illusion

Swimming in the ocean of sins
Crawling over pins, walking on broken glass
That’s where your journey begins
When you feel that this try will be your last

Flash backs as you’re standing on the edge
Of your life that was nothing but a mess
With all the lies that you’ve alleged
And everything wrong you didn’t confess

Cutting yourself thinking it’s gonna end
But what you don’t know that it’s just the start
To another suffering, the place to where you’ll be sent
You didn’t think with your reasonable mind
You just followed your artificial heart
And You hoplessly Just resigned

It’s gonna be better, trust me
Just fly away and leave yourself
To your soul to find its own harmony
Don’t keep your issues on a shelf
Or you’ll forever be living in agony

Look around you, you’ll see
You’re not the only one to regret
Living this life full of debris
Regret being that person,
You never wished to be…

This poem is talking about teenagers who are so depressed that they are actually inteding to end their own lives thinking that in this way they’ll be free of problems; but everytime they try to kill themselves, they fail because they’re braver than to rest their own souls in suffering. Everyday they face a situation that gets the coward living inside them to come out & order them “escape, leave this misery, kill yourselves”, but the brave one always remains and says “NO” to that devil.

Hope you like it…



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