A Dream That Will Never Come True

When it’s too far to be yours
You gotta move on and let it go
When you find nothing but closed doors
You have to keep it inside and never show

I can’t deny falling for you
But it’s really not enough
So filled of you but empty though
And it’s badly hurting and tough

Being so comfortable and safe
When we talk together
So happy but fear surrounds like a wave
Maybe you want someone better
Or maybe you’re not that brave
To tell me not to bother
That you’ll never be mine
And you’ll only be my brother

Taking all the chances to reach
The dream that seems not true
The truth that just includes me
In a sky with shades of blue

It’s cutting me inside,
Knowing you’ll be away
Just to be by my side,
Is like I’m playing with clay
That’s gonna be remade,
Exactly like a dream or a play

And tomorrow is gonna be late,
If I didn’t seize the chance to say
What’s running through my head
I’ll not ask for too much, but I’m gonna pray
For you to be there… and just stay



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