The Decision

So I took the decision & started my courses in the department of Industrial & Management engineering. It was a tough one, but yea when God is by your side everything goes smooth 🙂
A lot of people were not encouraging the idea & telling me not to take that step – although they’ve never experienced it- just because it’s a new department & not well-known, but my heart was sending my mind different thoughts, I put aside everyone’s advices & decided to ask God for help to make me decide what’s right for me. (istikhara prayer Arabic) (Guidance prayer English)

I settled on what I gotta do.. And here I am 🙂 Officially in this department.
So the lesson learned from this, Never listen to people & do what they’re telling you to do unless you’re 100% convinced & supported by the help of God.



  1. 3ady momken el wa7ed yesma3 mn wedn we yetala3 mn na3’ashesho 😀 3ady ya3ny el mohem tekony moktane3a enk sa7 we waska fe kararek we darsah kowyes ya3ny …

    Good luck isa we rabena ma3aky .. we ma3ana bardo 😛

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