Fake "American" Icons!

This thing started when I was tweeting:
“I’m losing hope & respect for people who are well-known for their achievements to make the world a “better” place.. They’re so fake.” http://twitter.com/Reemyyy/status/10024550192

“First it was Dr. Phil when he talked about Arabs as if they were trash, when he interviewed the Palestinian guy who had an American girlfriend” http://twitter.com/Reemyyy/status/10024616125

“Then fake Obama with his empty promises..And now it’s Oprah after that episode she made about marriage & women in Egypt. Fake…” http://twitter.com/Reemyyy/status/10024689179

First Fake Icon:

Two years ago I was –as usual- watching Dr. Phil’s show, I was a BIG fan! I never missed an episode. The episode began & I shockingly found that it was talking about a Palestinian man/guy who involved himself in a relationship with an American girl he knew from MySpace. Of course, Dr. Phil as a “patriotic” American who thinks that all Muslim Arabs are extremists, made the guy look like a very bad person to the audience, that’s what’s America is all about! Dramatizing issues; just like they do in their TV series.  The story was that girl, fell in love with the Arabian guy & decided to travel to his country.  Dr. Phil with the help of her family, made him look like as if he “brain washed” her, yea as expected.

The episode’s topic was presented as:
….Dr. Phil continues the story of a young woman who made international headlines when she ran away to Palestine to be with a man she met on the Internet when she was just 16. Katherine was stopped by the FBI and brought back home, but two years later and now an adult, she’s left the United States again to be with Abdullah, the man she says she loves and wants to marry. Katherine’s terrified family thinks she is being brainwashed, and may never be allowed to return home. They say they’ve witnessed Abdullah’s violent temper when he’s verbally abused her over the phone. Now, in an exclusive interview via satellite, Dr. Phil speaks with Katherine and Abdullah together. Is Abdullah lying about letting Katherine return home? Is this couple already married? If you are a parent with a child who has access to the Internet, you can’t afford to miss this show!“…

To know more about the THREE episodes click here
Also read this http://blog.sweetestmemories.com/default.asp?Display=1076

Watch some parts of the episode featured by Kalam Nawa’em Show that also interviewed Abdullah himself (the Palestinian guy)
Part One : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KCXvoXEgyg&feature=related

Part two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EBZWuHfx9o&feature=related

Second Fake Icon:
last couple of months, Oprah made an episode about women & marriage in Egypt. She interviewed Dr. Heba Kotb, Injy elKashef & an unkown girl called Heba.
You can watch the episodes here:
Part One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqnvcj0FzVY&feature=related

Part Two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPajXrnG7pg&feature=related

Something inside was telling me that this unkown Heba, is either paid for to say such stuff in the way she pictured it to everyone in the world OR she doesn’t belong here!

What made me disappointed is that, a lot of Dr. Heba Kotb’s talk was cut from the show in the montage, according to Dr. Heba’s interview in El-Beit Beitak Egyptian show here:

Third & last (I hope!) is Obama. I don’t miss Bush though, Obama is doing such a great job in acting exacly the same, just a bit smarter!  Enough said.



  1. Excellent blog and inspiring experience there is always surprises when we get attached to something away from our own culture.

    I got very active on a specific business network and thought I had a lot of friends there, when Israel attached Gaza and we talked about it, I saw how these people think about about us and what lies beyond the formal looks.

    That’s why we shouldn’t be blind “Fans” and tolerate losing our identity for sake of people who think of us as second degree human beings.

    – Abdo

    • Abdo.. Amazing line

      “That’s why we shouldn’t be blind “Fans” and tolerate losing our identity for sake of people who think of us as second degree human beings.”

      Totally agree with it. I was shocked because as a kinda young girl, I got attracted to icons without giving good judgments like any teenager. But as I grow up, I find a lot of stuff clearer to me. This experience made me always give second thoughts about any person who have a popularity & tons of fans like those people.
      Thanks you so much Abdo : )

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  3. One sentence.. I used to expect less from the US.
    all these ppl(‘s) idols aint my own idols. cos am convinced that if I meet someone who seems very perfect am sure that the end will be totally messed up. Obama I thought he will be the great guy who will never EVER persecute another nation cos he is black and his ppl suffered persecution for many years. If I was an american (& thank god am not) I would totally vote for him but he turned out to be a man with many speeches. Remember cairo’s speech? Oki Remember his speech in israel? Take your time to think.
    And about the other fake idols.. It is the american media which is controlled by american government and they just wanna mess with the ppl heads to justify their actions.
    PS: I lold when I say the arabic subtitle on dr.phil’s vid when he said she knew him from my space and the subtitle was “موقعه الإلكتروني” 😆

    Eventually chill out there are lots of TRUE idols in the world and watch this vid – Russell Peters on Arabs

    • I totally agree with you. Obama is nothing but a hypocrite! I don’t know when they’re gonna leave us alone to live peacefully. God is a witness on the suffering they cause to us.

      And yea, subtitles are often funny 😀 Ezhab lel ga7eem!

      I loved Russell Peters’ stand-ups btw! Thanks for letting me know about him.

  4. Most Americans don’t even bother looking for the truth,and their celebrities are no different

    As for Dr.Phil,I saw his show multiple times,and I never really enjoyed it because nothing he says really helps the people on his show

    As for oprah,I stopped listening to her because she should’ve stepped out of television a long time ago

    Regarding Obama,I knew he’d be just the same as Bush,if not worse

    The American policy never changes unless there’s a good reason why it should be,and a new president isn’t one of these reasons

    Obama just promised what he couldn’t deliver,he promised the Americans a better economy and he couldn’t do it,why should he deliver on his promises to us?

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