I Do…

Thinking of you every day and night
Trying to keep myself from waiting
For you to come and hold me tight
That makes me feel like flying

I want to hold your hands
Just try and I promise
I won’t let you go

You’re my sandman that makes me dream
Of you sitting beside me like you’ll never go
Now dreams are beautiful, not like they always seemed
Our love is like a plant that needs us to grow

Everything seems so bright since I’ve known you
We just have to give our love a chance
To keep on growing till we both say “I do”
When we start our first dance
And all people staring at me and you
When you’re giving me that glance
That says it all, I love you too

Distance will shorten as years pass by
And love is our bridge that is built so high
That no one can reach, even the birds that fly
I’ll forever be yours till the last goodbye

I love you, and I always did
For you I’ll do anything, I’d sacrifice
My life is for you till I’m dead
Though you’re a man that can’t be priced
But my life is everything I could give

I’ll be here for you till the end
Till we get old, I’ll be for you
And only on you I’m gonna depend
Then you’ll know my love is true
When you see in time it’ll extend
Yes, I do…I love you



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