I always thought it won’t work out
But with you it’s totally new
Babe I’m gonna say it loud
I’m desperately in love with you

You charmed me by your first look
I wish I were those eyes
That makes a perfect book
And know nothing about lies
As you’re holding me I shook
Just wished to die hearing your sighs

I know you are my one
You’re all I hoped to find
You’re just like my sun
That makes my life shine
& I gotta confess it hun
With you I’m just a child

Take me to your heart
And let’s just go far away
Let’s have a brand new start
With you it’s all gonna be okay

You’re exactly what I always wanted
To spend my nights and days with
You just came and left me haunted
Drowning in dreams like this
That you’re gonna be mine tomorrow
Saying “I do” and giving me a kiss

Forever is gonna start that night
When you confess in front of the world
That I’m your only bride
And then I’ll know you love me
With my eyes full of happiness and pride

Hold my hands till the end
Don’t ever let me go
Because my heart once it’s broken
It can never be mend

A look into your eyes can heal my pain
When you’re gone I feel that fear
That you’ll leave me and never come again
Keep me forever I don’t wanna shed a tear
For being apart from you that makes me go insane

After twenty years from now
I’ll still tell you that I love you
When I wake up someday
And find you sleeping beside me
Then I’ll know for somehow
That your my heart’s key
You’re my soul mate…one day you’ll see



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