A Victim of innocence

This short story is inspired by incidents of child abuse allover the world, specially teachers who abuse their students

He was still an “It”, the world was just a small playground he played in with his friends in the break. Neither did he nor his friends know the meaning of being unmerciful or even knew the meaning of the word “evil”. He woke up like everyday,

By his mother’s sweet soft voice:  “wake up sweetheart, you will be late”

He replied in a sleepy voice: “please… just 5 minutes”

His Mom came closer with her hands going over his head “come on, don’t be lazy, I made you the breakfast you like, the special one. And guess what, today after school we’re going out together, I’ll let you go to wherever you want, we’ll do nothing but play”

He jumped out of his bed going to the bathroom, and then he went to the table, ate breakfast and chatted with his father for a while. He actually didn’t have a very tight relationship with his dad, as he worked all day and night to provide them a good life. They weren’t rich, at all! But the spirit of being between a family having the cutest kid ever, is worth a billion dollars.

His mother gave him a kiss on his forehead, and told him to be careful when she was about to close the door, he suddenly remembered something,

He said: “Oh Mom! Today is grandma’s birthday, shall we visit her?”

She answered: “Baby, I don’t think it’s a good idea, you’re still young to visit the graveyard”

He tried to convince her: “Mom, pleaaaase, every year you tell me the same thing, I know grandma will get upset from me if I didn’t go to her this year”

She said while turning him around to start his ride to school “okay, just gooo, I’ll see what we are gonna do after you get back from school, be good”

She knew that she won’t let him go; she always felt a bad omen when anything that has something to do with death or dead people is mentioned.

He arrived at school, it wasn’t a very fancy one, but at least he had great friends and he’s getting educated!  He entered the class; the first lesson wasn’t so good. The teacher was really mean, though nobody knew that except himself and the students. The school didn’t even have cameras in classes to see how those kids are actually treated.

The teacher asked: “Who didn’t do his homework?”

4 kids raised their hands, including our hero.  His reason was because his mother- the one that helped do his HW- was busy knitting him something to wear, as his only sweater was torn when he was playing the day before.

After that, he got them out in front of the board and began humiliating them, cursing and…beating them. He used to abuse them simply because he wasn’t well-educated about how to treat kids, which is –besides the university he graduated from- the school’s responsibility. How could they accept him as a teacher without testing his abilities and his mental health? They just put a criminal into classes that have children! In addition to the bad salary he was given, so whose fault is it?!

He always had a stick that he used to hit students with on their hands. The kid was the third one to get his turn and be beaten, he opened his hands to receive the brutal hitting; He couldn’t bare it, he bent down holding his hands, he was in great pain. The teacher didn’t like that, he didn’t like that a 9 year-old child, a child that hasn’t even completed a decade on Earth, is showing his pain; he pulled him violently and kicked him in his chest. The boy was sent to the floor, but he could help himself get up again, he got kicked again in the same place, he just kept kicking him cruelly over and over as the child was taking his last breaths…He fell down, and never got up again. His heart just stopped beating; he went a victim of abuse, a victim of being innocent. All he wanted was to go play after school, and visit his grandma. A smile went on his face when his eyes were closing slowly, as if he saw the light, or maybe he saw…his grandmother.



  1. Yes I remember and while i was reading ur post I remembered his mother crying, she just wanted him back.And whatever happened to that teacher, it wan`t make her feel better. rbna usbr albha.

  2. “All he wanted was to go play after school, and visit his grandma. A smile went on his face when his eyes were closing slowly, as if he saw the light, or maybe he saw…his grandmother”
    Haznii awy el article da ..
    ha3ayt wallahi…
    2na mesh 3aref howa el-teacher keda estafad a?!

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