Guilt & Conscience

“That’s not right”
“This is unacceptable”

We always hear these kind of phrases when we do something in particular, but if you stop for a second & think about it, you might ask yourself: “unacceptable compared to what? Not right in whose point of view?”

In western countries, it’s alright to have a girlfriend, drink alcohol & so many other things that could not possibly take place in middle-eastern countries. And even if it did, it won’t really be seen as normal.
If you’re a western person & you’re in a social event, you wouldn’t feel guilty to drink some wine & have fun –in their point of view- ; it’s not the same everywhere.  In Egypt for example, it’s never good to know that someone is a drinker, even if he’s a social one! And that person will even do his best to hide it most of the times, I mean, it’s not something to be proud of.
One of the essential things that affect your feeling of guilt is the culture, Your culture, where You were raised up, what traditions You grew upon, & of course…Your Religion!
These things form your personality & your conscience which eventually controls your feel of guilt.

Even the philosophy of Ethics has different branches & different definitions of the good & the bad, apart from religion.

This is why every human being who is now ready to think & take decisions, should think of every single act he was taught to & not to do, don’t just take traditions & prohibitions for granted.

Think before you act … & exchange places before judging people.


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  1. I read your post 3 times before I comment just to make sure I get you right; & I failed fashal zare3.

    Anyway, again, this matter is subjective. Speaking about religion also subjective, u can find in some religion that nothing is wrong with drinking wine or hash even, so it’s also subjective to what do you think about yr religion or if you a believer in what u do.

    What does really matter aside from all this, is that no matter what u believe in or yr religion was, u HAVE to RESPECT other ppl. If u already knew that I don’t like seeing u drinking for ex. then u should respect this by not drinking in front of me or hurting me by low level language if I hate that for ex.

    Do what u like without hurting other people, being respectable & putting others into consideration has nothing to do with what u believe or think .. It’s A MUST for everyone on this planet.

    PS. next time try to write something easier for me to comment on 😉

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