Stuffed Animals

When I was a kid, my favorite stuffed animal was a panda bear. I used to take him with me everywhere, his name was just Panda. Sometimes I played with Barbie, and normal girly dolls & toys such as the make-up & the kitchen sets. I also used to play with blocks, I was a good builder. I had this standard design that I always & ONLY made, which was an apartment; a living room, two bed rooms, a bathroom & a kitchen. I used to really get pissed off because I never was able to build a toilet. I could make the bathtub, but never could do neither the toilet & the basin nor the stove. Mostly I ended up turning the whole thing into a big tall robot after that.
I also had this mechanical parts game. It contained tires, hinges, pins, nails, nuts & screw drivers with some metallic pieces that I used to build slides, cars & other cool stuff with.
Then my brother came to the world, I had to put away those stuff because he was just a baby & could have swallowed any of these tiny parts. And by that age, I already gave up playing with stuffed animals. I was seven.
Kareem –my brother- grew up, it wasn’t dangerous for him anymore, but I grew up too, time took me by & I wasn’t interested in playing with my old toys anymore.

Whenever I sit alone and remember those memories, I always get to thinking what it would be like if I played with my toys forever? Would I have stopped at a point without being forced to?
Would I still be that innocent child who laughs so hard with her imaginary friends when they taste the food she prepared in her kitchen set & find that it really sucked, & she should have added more salt?
Would I still hold Barbie & her guy facing one another, getting them to kiss, & then laugh with this innocent naughty-girl giggle?
Would I…

You know what?
I just miss being a child.

I miss my Panda



  1. As you grow up, you will always have something similar to think about. When you leave high school, when you leave the university, when you get married, when you have kids, you will keep going back to think about the good things you used to enjoy at that particular time and consider what it would have been like to have them forever. Yet life has to go on and it is worthwhile to mention that nothing lasts forever and that applies to both good and bad things. This makes us think carefully about enjoying life, making use of time and appreciating what God puts in our hands during every stage.
    P.S. Innocence is something that not everyone misses.

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