Love Him…

Love him… when he shouts or screams, because after a long day of working till he sweats to provide you a living, he deserves some patience.

Love him… when he brings you an anniversary gift that you don’t like, what matters is that he remembered after all.

Love him… when he’s just too tired to stay up late with you, he’s been working all day for you.

Love him… when he surprises you. Act surprised even if you knew it before, believe me he’ll make lots of effort to prepare it for you.

Love him… when he tells you something that you don’t like, he never meant to hurt you.

Love him… when you feel he’s down, hug him & let him know you’re there.

Love him… when he’s not listening, he’s thinking about plans for you & him.

Love him… when he snores!
Advice: Use ear plugs.

Love him… when he’s not pleased with something that you want to do or wear, he’s just trying to protect you.

Love him… when he is jealous, out of all women he can have, he chose you.

Love him…when he has annoying little habits that drive you nuts. You have them too.

Love him… when he loves you back  : )

With Love,

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  1. Sorry Reem, but I have to completely disagree with you on this one.

    You’re attempting to convince females to tolerate a miserable life simply because the man is the breadwinner. If a guy has all these flaws mentioned in your post, he is just not worth your time.

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  3. Mmmmm,
    I actually didn’t use to love these kind of poetry…
    but it’s lovely Reem specially for a newly married couple!

    @aelsadek I disagree with you brdo. A woman can forgive any mistakes her man do as long as he truly love her and hardly tries to please her.

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