How to hold your tears?

This article is not mine, I just found it worth sharing.
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We’ve all been in a situation where we suddenly feel compelled to cry. Your breathing intensifies, your heart sinks and water is welling your eyes. But no matter the reason why you want to cry, sometimes it’s just not an opportune time. Here are some tips on how to hold back tears.

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1- Pinch yourself on your inner thigh. If you are standing, perform this action on your arm. By pinching yourself, you are moving the focus of your body’s pain to another location. Focus on the acute pain you are causing yourself rather than the reason you are about to cry. Just don’t pinch so hard that you leave a bruise!

2- Remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes you need to cry, but you just can’t do it in front of present company. Immediately remove yourself from the situation at hand and hold back the tears until you find privacy.

3- Hold your breath. The phrase “choking back the tears” exists for a reason. If you concentrate on your breathing, you can literally stop those tears from flowing. Take a moment to get your emotions under control as you hold your breath.

4- Bite your lower lip. This is another little trick of the trade, which re-focuses your body’s attention. As with the pinching, be careful not to leave a mark.

5- Let out a ferocious yell. Crying is a release of emotion in a physical form. One way to release those negative emotions is to give a good scream. Excuse yourself from the situation and let it out in private. You’ll feel much better.

6- Start laughing to hold back the tears. The complete opposite of sorrow is joy. By forcing yourself to release that sorrow in another form, you’ll hold back the tears. However, note that this might

not always be the most appropriate action.

Sometimes a good cry is the best solution. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions.


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