On A Cold December Night…

On a cold December night
Your presence used to
Warm me up
But … you’re not there
So I just hold my pillow tight
Tell myself “Everything is going to be alright”

Although till spring,
We still might stay
So broken inside,
Life has been taken away
Flowers are blooming,
Yet looking so grey
Colorless gardens
That paints a picture
Of a sad bouquet
But I won’t try to color May
No, I will not try & color May…

On a dark December day
The sun won’t rise,
You’re not there…
How could it shine?
When all the planets are mourning the night…



  1. You write with the depth of yourself.. you have knowledge beyond a lot of others .. kinda like my silly poetry..lol

    I enjoyed the reading of it. I read it several times to grasp every inch of it.

    Someday, you will find a great publisher.
    I’m waiting.. ❤

  2. tThis is exeptional ya Reem. very sad lines and even rejecting hope. The peom is really lovely. I read it many times and i could see, hear and feel your ideas. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Consider quiting engineering to its people and focus on literature. I wonder if i could trust you as an engineer as much as I do for a writer !!!:D

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